Thematic Working Groups

The EDUsummIT2019 Steering Committee decided on the generic theme and the 12 working groups that will be formed by participants (15 participants maximum per group). To this end, the Steering Committee was informed by the contents of the Second Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education (Springer, 2018) (see the Table of Contents). The first and the second handbooks (2008, 2018) have been closely associated with each of the EDUsummITs (2009, The Netherlands; 2011 (France), 2013 (USA), 2015 (Thailand), 2017 (Bulgaria), and in 2019 (Canada). Each EDUsummIT delivers a Call to Action (e.g., and Call to Action 2017). See the EDUsummIT Archive.

The generic theme of EDUsummIT2019 was Learners and learning contexts: New alignments for the digital age.

The thematic working groups (TWGs) were the following ones:

EDUsummIT 2017 may be seen at this URL.

EDUsummIT 2015 may be seen at this URL.