TWG 3: Creativity for teachers and teaching

Creativity has been highly touted as a central concept for 21st century thinking, teaching, and learning. It is widely noted in both academic literature and popular discourse as being essential to the types of thinking skills and approaches to the world that students will need for the present and future. Moreover, creativity is vital in teaching, because students learn and adopt creative habits of mind when these are part of the environments they learn in. There is a deep intersection between technology and creativity, and the potential of both to inform each other in learning settings. Yet creativity and technology are complex areas which involve pedagogy, thinking skills, risk taking, ideation, problem solving, and more. TWG3 aims to explore the intersection of these constructs and provide insight into how we can develop creative thinking in teaching and learning.

TWG 3 co-leaders: Michael Henderson (Monash University), Danah Henriksen (Arizona State University)

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