TWG 12


TWG 12: National policies in curriculum reforms: what makes a quality curriculum in a technological era?

Many countries are reforming (parts of) their curricula to equip young people for life in a technological society. Although different countries have different approaches and outcomes, in general, the priorities are about learning new skills, including digital literacy and the use of new technologies. Factors which have been shown to determine national priorities have included the demands of the IT industry, new skills required in the workforce and the changing workforce balance due to the automation of many industrial processes. Within national education systems themselves there are tensions between using technology to enhance existing curriculum subjects and the need to educate next generations of workers to adapt to a rapidly changing technological world. Given these tensions, what can make a quality curriculum which also takes account of skills of teachers, changing technologies and global and national needs?

TWG 12 co-leaders: Deirdre Butler (Dublin City University), Peter Twining (The Open University)

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